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Matilde is officially on summer vacation now, which means that I have just a liiiiitle less time for anything, including blogging and taking photos. On top of that I have a huge translation to work on, which keeps me busy during the nights and whenever Matilde takes a little nap, so you can understand I'm pretty busy.

And it's hot. As in really hot. We avoid leaving the house until late in the afternoon, unless we really have to. We have an improvised pool on the balcony (an Ikea plastic bath tub), we eat lots of fruit and we sleep...

I'm gonna leave you with a few pics from within the walls. It had been a really long time since I had photographed the cats properly. This is Pavel. And to the left you have Matilde's favorite food for the summer: Blueberries.

Ps: Christine from Ciao Christy just wrote some very nice words about my blog and a couple of other Florence travel blogs. You should have a look. Her blog is really cute.

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