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Weder gestern noch morgen Berlin © Birgitte Brøndsted

On our last day in Berlin, and right before jumping on a cab to go to the airport, we had lunch at this little cafe in Friedrichshain. I don't speak or understand German, so obviously I was curious to find out what this impossible name of a cafe could actually mean. A quick Google translation gave me this: Not yesterday nor tomorrow. (Guess that must be kind of German for today!).

Anyhow, we had an amazing vegetarian Turkish inspired lunch with a fantastic and very friendly service from an elder couple, which I think was Turkish as well. My mum had a big plate full of baked vegetables with a delicious creme fraiche or yoghurt dressing on top, and I had a delicious spinach pie.

All in all the perfect ending to six lovely days in Berlin.

Gärtner Strasse 22. T. +40 (0)30 89569615

Weder gestern noch morgen Berlin © Birgitte Brøndsted

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