this week

Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

On Tuesday I arrived in Copenhagen, and although I have quite a programme with visiting friends, doing a couple of photo sessions and even some translation work, which I have had to bring here, it sure is great to finally be on vacation.

The best of it? The wonderful cooler temperatures. Even though it's a bit rainy here, I don't care. The fact that I can wear jeans and sneakers is just what I need. I am so done with summer for this year. Autumn, come along!

This first week has been spent doing shopping, eating lunch in great cafes with friends (great salads at Atlas Bar in Pisserenden + a couple of new places which I'm looking forward to sharing with you next week), drinking coffee (at Cafe Norden and Baresso), going to the playground with my daughter and once in a while a bit of relax at my mum's place.

I have taken so many photos already, so prepare for more next week.

Have a wonderful Sunday and remember that you can read more THIS WEEK posts HERE.

Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted


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