dreaming of...

... doing film photography
... printing all my photos
... keeping all my (soon to be) printed photos in beautiful boxes and albums
... framing my (soon to be) printed photos
... creating a little photo gallery in my home with my (soon to be) printed photos
... buying new furniture
... redecorating my apartment
... repainting my walls white and painting one wall in a dusty very dark kind of greyish petroleum blue
... reading the 8 books I have bought over the last years but haven't had time to read yet
... film photography; the simplicity, the faded colors, the prints, the back to basics. It's really what I need. 

What about you? Can you list 10 things you are dreaming of right now? Tell me in the comments field!

Red cat tail © Birgitte Brøndsted


  1. Film photography is awesome. Get into it, I promise its soooo rewarding! The sound of the shutter, the film advance lever, the weight of it in your hands....love. Most places will scan the prints for you, so you can still post them on your blog (which you should definitely do, because I'd love to see them!).

    1. I know I'm gonna love it and I know I'm gonna do it sooner or later. For now it will have to wait a bit since I'm too busy to even start thinking about learning something new!

  2. You take gorgeous photos! If your camera does video, just start with that! The only thing I would say is double check what kind of SD card you need before you get started... I made that mistake!


    1. Hi Isa, thank you for your lovely words. However you misunderstood my post. By film photography I meant analogue photography, not video :-)


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