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Good morning! It's Sunday and today is the first day of 8 days in Florence, which will probably be CHAOS. Today begins the World Championship in Cycling in Tuscany, which means that the city has been handed over to cyclists from all over the world, and we, the citizens, will have to stay indoor or walk around all week. (I'm exaggerating a bit, but it sure will be difficult to move around the city where large parts will be completely closed for traffic between 9 am and 18 pm.) Let's hope for the best!

I made a subscription to Kinfolk and this week the new issue arrived. I love everything about it. The layout, the photos, the text, even the smell...

And this week I fell. As in I went flying. It happened on my second run this week. My knees hurt so badly I couldn't really walk for the rest of the day. Fortunately things are much better now and I am just left with some very blue and red knees.

The photo above is from a coffee bar in my neighborhood called La Bottega del Pane. It's really cute. We went there yesterday just to have a cappuccino. Only negative thing is that it's so teeny tiny that you can only stand up or sit on one of the bar chairs. Atmosphere is really local and charming though.

Yesterday we went to Ikea. We all know that you NEVER leave Ikea without something you hadn't planned to buy, but it's amazing how things have changed since I had Matilde. Before I used to come home with way too many candles and photo frames. Now I travel back home with teddy bears and this time even a hobby horse unicorn... 

Although I still love a trip to Ikea once in a while I must say that I am beginning to not like their furniture very much. I had had my eye on a couch I had seen on the Internet, but once I saw it live, I was kind of disappointed. Maybe I'm beginning to grow up. Unfortunately my bank account isn't :-)

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Ps: Did you notice I have a new photo on my about page?

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