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First of all: This is going to be the last regular THIS WEEK post. By regular I simply mean that from now on I may not write a THIS WEEK post every single week. If nothing really happened and I don't have any (good) photos to share from the week, then I'll skip.

Tomorrow Matilde starts daycare again, which is really good. We have enjoyed having some full days (by some I mean six weeks!), but I think she will be so happy to be back with her friends again, and I really need the extra free time in the mornings for work. By the way, did you read my interview on Luvaville? It was so much fun to do, and the blog is great. It's like a big international urban travel guide for parents.

This week I was also very pleased to discover that I had been mentioned in a post on an Australian blog called Hard to find. Check it out, I'm in the company of some other really great Italy related websites.

I have started working on a new web shop for my fine art prints. I have wanted to make my own shop for a long time. Although places like Etsy and Society6 are great because they also work as social medias, I am really tired of their standard looks, and in terms of Society6 I felt that it was a bit too commercial and less "arty".

My new shop will be handled only by me, which means that I will personally organize everything from printing, packaging and shipping. It also means that there will be some limited editions prints, which are signed and numbered, and I can already now reveal that there is going to be a permanent 3x2 offer. Stay tuned for more very soon!

My camera hasn't been out of its bag all week, and only yesterday did I take a few snap shots with the iPhone. Sorry for being repetitive, but they are from my local market once again. Such a photogenic location.

Have a lovely Sunday! I will be back next week with new posts and hopefully new photos as well!

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