a year in pics | september 2013

My favorite month has come to an end, and October has begun. However, living in Italy, the change of months right now doesn't really make any difference. We still have warm days and fall is such a joy.

September was the month of start ups. Matilde went back to daycare and I went back to my ordinary routines. My mum came (and is still here).

I received the latest issues of Kinfolk and Cereal, both magazines that are so inspirational, but so crazy expensive. However, I can't seem to stay away from them, and I already did an annual subscription for Kinfolk...

Below are some impressions from Instagram and VSCO. Fresh pasta, coffee, Florence, the carousel in Piazza della Repubblica, Vespas, bicycles and finally: Yellow shoes and a new gigantic, warm sweater from Cos. I think it's my favorite of all the photos below. It's pure fall.

Looking forward to October!

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