my impossible polaroid project

Florence Polaroid © Birgitte Brøndsted

So I bought a second hand Polaroid camera. At the market at Fortezza da Basso. Without knowing if I was wasting my money. Anyway, it was only 40 euro. I actually ended up spending almost the same on the film. 20 euro + shipping for 8 frames of the impossible project film. That's a price which sure makes you behave a bit different than when you shoot with a digital camera!

I haven't had so many photo opportunities yet, but of course I couldn't wait to try out the camera once the film arrived. It works! I did some test shot at home of Matilde and Pavel, our gigantic cat + the view from my bedroom.

I can tell you already that I love love love shooting film and although I consider Polaroid more like a toy than an actual camera I know for sure that I want more. More Polaroid and more "real" film.

I have to say though that I'm a bit disappointed of the colors in the photos. I don't really know what I expected (actually I didn't expect anything), and maybe the very brown nuances happen because I have been shooting neutral colors inside. I think I should take it out for a walk. That said my next Polaroids are definitely going to be in black and white. As soon as I get my hands on some rolls I will share them with you.

Meanwhile have a look at what I've shot so far, and tell me what you think.

Cat Polaroid © Birgitte Brøndsted

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