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Area Pettini Burresi Floence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Wow, it's been one month since my last This week post. Well, I already warned you that I weren't going to write these posts every single Sunday, but I sure didn't plan to let a whole month pass by.

It's not even because I haven't had things to share with you. On the contrary I have been quite busy, and while I usually plan my posts and write them a bit in advance I usually always write my This week posts on the day I post them. Let's just say that short deadlines in terms of blogging have been impossible lately.

But here I am. With a new camera and a newfound passion for film photography. For now just Polaroid, but I can't wait to get started for real, as soon as I have some time.

Do you remember I mentioned some dreaming about redecorating my apartment? Well, I've taken the first steps and placed an order at Ikea online. New bed, new mattress, new duvet, new desk and new desk chair will arrive next week. I can't wait! I haven't had a desk since I moved to my new apartment almost a year ago. I have tables of course and I even have my wonderful bureau, which I inherited from my grandma, but truth be told it's impossible to work at because the space is so limited. Now I will have a big white desk, which I can't wait to organize with all my stuff + a really comfortable chair on wheels, something which I would have sworn I would never buy, but this time comfortable won over beauty. And it's actually not ugly.

Leaves Polaroid © Birgitte Brøndsted

I have had a few photography assignments lately and I even did a small wedding. I've had my friend and her daughter visiting from Copenhagen, and I've been busy with translations, interpretation and other less romantic stuff.

And just in case you missed them and care to read them here are a few links containing interviews with me, and some articles written by me:

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Have a lovely Sunday!

PS: I know that these Polaroids are total disasters technically speaking. I think it took me too long to put them in the box after they came out. But hey, I like them anyway, especially the first one. Love the green color. Give me time to learn, ok? :-)

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