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Today I'm starting a new Friday tradition on the blog. A lot of bloggers already do it, so let me immediately admit that I'm a copy cat!

Every Friday I'm simply going to recommend and share 5-10 links which have inspired me during the week.

Here is what caught my attention this week:

Cereal magazine always manages to make me happy. Here is a lovely post about the Swedish "Fika".

Pure beauty on Elephantine.

I'm redorating my apartment these days and when I see photos like these by the lovely Hilda Grahnat I immediately feel like going to the antique market and buy everything. In real life I will limit myself to just a few vintage or retro pieces.

Elena is right. It seems almost impossible to take bad photos in Venice. At the same time though it's also difficult to take a photo which hasn't already been taken a thousand times. Look what she did to avoid the trap of being repetitive.

Are you rich or poor?

If you want more weekend readings I recommend you visit Carin's blog. She always share great links and she's one of the reasons I have decided to do this myself.

Oh and ps: More amazing Gary Pepper shots HERE (from Luisaviaroma, Florence).

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