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It is my clear impression that Italy is actually a country which is not exactly over represented in terms of bloggers. (I am thinking about Italian bloggers, not expats), so when I stumbled upon Rosaspina Vintage I was very happy. Not only is this blog interesting in terms of content, it also contains beautiful film photography. I strongly recommend you go and pay it a visit.

I never get tired of pictures from Hilda's home.

I discovered a new photography blog this week called Sunday Moments. Lots of gorgeous pictures.

I've mentioned several times how much I dream of going back to Paris. Carla Coulson's almost poetic blog post about her relationship with the city sure didn't change this.

Ordered my first pair of wrist worms from Sandra Juto this week. Can't wait to use them for outdoor winter photography.

Enjoy your weekend!

Fall in Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

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