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Mercato delle Cure Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Somehow I tend to forget about music. I forget it exists and that you can listen to it. I have my iTunes library filled with lots of great stuff, but somehow I tend to forget...

But then sometimes I remember. And once I start listening to it again I ask myself how I managed without for such a long time. And I keep telling myself to not forget once again, to always keep music with me. Because it is so amazing. 

This week for a very special reason I started listening to music again. At first it was some of the old stuff in my library. I listened to the soundtrack from La double vie de Veronique and Film Bleu both by the amazing composer Zbigniew Preisner. And I listened to Garbage and Hotel Costes. 

And then I told myself it was time to go music shopping. And once I got started I couldn't stop. So I clicked my way through the iTunes store and got me some more Hotel Costes, some Stella Polaris and the most amazing productions with Danish poet and film director Jørgen Leth and Mikael Simpson and Frithjof Toksvig. Calm electronic music accompanied by the speech of Jørgen Leth whom I am a huge fan of. 

I am now addicted to music. I bring it with me in the streets on my iPhone and I have it turned on constantly when I'm at home. I get high on music. Oh, let me never once again forget about music. 

Mercato delle Cure Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

It's been a calm week with no real work, which was good since I started out feeling incredibly sick with a two days headache of gigantic dimensions. Fortunately it happens very rarely that I feel this sick and I usually get over it quickly, but this time I was a total zombie for more than two days. Not so easy when you have a little girl to handle at the same time! We survived though…

The photos are from yesterday when me and Matilde had a lovely walk around Le Cure. We had coffee and cake at the bar, went to the market, went for a walk (while Matilde slept in the stroller and I took photos and listened to music on the iPhone) and finally we shared a portion of pasta at Boutique della pasta fresca followed by a quick visit to the playground. 

I have been editing some new portraits, which I will share next week on the blog. Maybe you've already seen the previews on Facebook

I have just received a nice little package from my mum with six Danish fashion and interior magazines so I have no doubts what I'll be reading this weekend, but if you are out of stuff to read here are some recommendations for you. Enjoy your Sunday!

Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

I have been dreaming of going back to Paris for such a long time. These photos and ideas for traveling with kids don't make the longing for the French capital any less.

Pure inspiration from Freunde von Freunden and how right she is about preferring to shoot people in motion rather than people posing.

By Fryd has made pure magic with these photos.

These analogue photos by Kristina just remind me once again that I have to start on film soon. They are nothing less than stunning.

new muse over at Mortal Muses and a huge talent.

I love all the photos in this blog post about framing.

This story about 84 years old Mario, his life and his Florentine shop which is about to close went straight to my heart.

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