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You HAVE to look through all of Jeanette Lunde's magazine By Fryd issue 4. It is so so so beautiful. And if you haven't got enough patience to look through it all, at least do yourself a favor and jump directly to page 84 and simply check out the amazing photos starting from there…

I can never get enough of Klodjana's simple photography which always contains the perfect light.

Sad to see one of my favorite blogs Dear Leila will no longer be here. You should see the photo in her last post. It's stunning. Happy on the other hand to start following Leila's new blog.

In case you wonder what I'll be eating A LOT OF in about one week from now, have a look at Melanie's blog.

I am off to Copenhagen on Monday, but I hope to pop in with some Copenhagen city guide posts over the holidays. See you soon and have a wonderful weekend!

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