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Happy December 1st! I don't know about you but I'm not the best at all this Christmas stuff. And trust me, I am trying. Because I grew up with lots of Christmas traditions and I loved them all, so I know what it means to a little girl and I really really want to give my daughter the same relationship to Christmas as I had when I was a child. However truth is it is totally stressing me out, and I haven't even started thinking about the presents yet!

And so yesterday I pulled out all my Christmas ornaments. I even put Christmas music on the computer. I put lights up in the windows, and then I got a bit lost. I had decided that I wasn't going to get a tree this year, since we aren't going to be here for Christmas, but when I looked around my home I realized I had nowhere to put all the stuff without a tree.

So off we went to get the tree. And now it is here. Completely crooked, but at least I got to place all my Christmas stuff somewhere.

And today was the first day of the advent calendar. 24 gifts have been bought and wrapped for my little girl. She already loves it, although she has a hard time understanding that she can only get one gift each day :-)

This week I finally received my wrist worms from Sandra Juto. I love them! They are so warm and they are going to be perfect for my outdoor winter shoots.

I discovered a new place in Florence and went here for coffee with a very sweet new American friend.

I did my yoga classes with Keisha and I continue to love it.

Here are a few Instagrams and VSCO shots. I hope you had a lovely week. Enjoy your Sunday!

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