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Trattoria Da Leo Lucca © Birgitte Brøndsted

This is my last post from Lucca and probably the most useful one for you. Because today I'll tell you about a fabulous trattoria where you should have your lunch if you ever travel to Lucca.

I first visited Lucca in 2000 when I lived in Florence as an Erasmus student. Together with my then boyfriend and some friends we celebrated my birthday by taking a one day trip to Lucca. What I remember best from that day is a fantastic lunch and riding tandem bicycles on the walls surrounding the city.

When I returned some weeks ago with my mum I was determined to not end up in a tourist trap for lunch. I didn't necessarily want to visit the same restaurant as last time, but I wanted to at least have a great and local lunch.

Well, as it often happens when you are a tourist things turned out complicated. When we started looking for restaurants we were already too hungry and suddenly all we could find were tourist traps. When I'm hungry I'm not the nicest person to be around and I was about to loose any hope. I couldn't remember the name or the address of the great place I had been to 14 years ago (I didn't even know if it still existed), but suddenly we found ourselves in front of something which didn't look too bad and once inside things started to look familiar. By coincidence we had bumped into the same trattoria as 14 years ago!

Needless to say we had a great lunch. Not only. Prices are really ok and the service is super friendly and quick. The menu lists all the classical Tuscan dishes, the food is really delicious and portions are generous! Also the atmosphere is very happy and local, lots of noise but also lots of "talking to the Italians at the next door and the whole restaurant singing happy birthday because the lights are suddenly being turned off and a cake brought in".

Do yourself a favor and have at least one lunch at Da Leo, if you ever happen to visit Lucca. It's worth it! You can see more posts from Lucca HERE.

Via Tegrimi 1. Lucca. T. +39  0583 492236 www.trattoriadaleo.it

Trattoria Da Leo Lucca © Birgitte Brøndsted

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