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Updated October 2016: I recently went back to Miso di Riso and had lunch here. It was super delicious and I have to say that this place is now one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Florence. 

Just wanted to share these Instagrams from a new vegan/vegetarian bistrot in the center of Florence. The place is called Miso di Riso and it's located in Borgo degli Albizi.

The decor is beautiful with lots of green plants, garden furniture and lots of colors. Food is okay but nothing more. (I should add though that I have only eaten here once). Great for an afternoon cup of coffee with a slice of pie.

As you can see from the photos I had a veggie cheeseburger with salad and vegetables on the side.

Borgo degli Albizi 54r. T. +39 055 2654094

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