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So we have returned to Florence after three amazing weeks in Copenhagen and although I always enjoy coming home to my own bed and my own apartment I can't help but dream about more holidays.

You see the thing is this: As an expat I use almost all of my holidays to go home. I don't complain about this. Obviously it is something I decide myself to do. However going home is not the same as going away to a new place where the only thing on the agenda is to relax and see new things.

On top of this I am also a freelancer and let me tell you this: As a freelancer I have never been on a holiday without working. I need to answer my e-mails and I always have a few photo assignments when I'm in Copenhagen. Again, this is of course something I choose myself to do, but it doesn't change the fact that my holidays are never 100% holidays.

In Florence many shops have already closed down for the summer, people are leaving or they have already gone on vacation, and we now have four weeks ahead of us before school starts again. For now we have no plans, it's hot hot hot, and as you know Florence isn't exactly located by the sea.

Therefore I guess you can't really blame me for dreaming about going away again, maybe some last minute holidays at a reasonable price to take me out of the city to some exotic place by the sea. I sure wouldn't mind going for one or two weeks to enjoy some long days at the beach, swim in the sea, go for long walks, collect seashells, taste new foods, listen to foreign languages which I don't understand, maybe get a chance to read a book or two, definitely read some magazines, do a bit of shopping and obviously take thousands of photos.

How about you? Have you escaped the city? Or do you plan to?

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Beach © Birgitte Brøndsted

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