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Bicycle in Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

Today I am happy to do my very first blog hop. To be honest I had never heard of this thing until an e-mail from Anya popped into my mail box last week.

So what is this? A blog hop is a great way to "hop" around to other blogs and meet new bloggers. It is also a way of telling your readers a bit more about yourself, why and how you blog. Finally I get to nominate two other bloggers who will do the next blog hop.

I have been nominated by my dear friend Anya from Anya Adores Design. Anya and I met online right after having attended the same blog conference in Berlin back in 2011 (a blog conference where we somehow managed to completely overlook each other). Later on we met in real life in Copenhagen and we haven't stopped chatting ever since.

Anya is Danish, she lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their two gorgeous daughters. She works as a photographer and she adores everything related to photography and design. If you follow her blog you can be pretty sure to be constantly updated on all the new stuff within interior design especially from the Scandinavian countries. Anya is a fabulous photographer and on her blog she shares lots of photos from her everyday life.

You can read Anya's blog hop HERE.

Bicycle in Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

And now to the questions...

1. Why do I write? This is actually the hardest question for me to answer. I don't have a mission with my blog. In the beginning - when I created my first blog My Sweet Rome - I did. My mission back then was to show people the real Rome - my Rome. However since I no longer live in Rome that mission is kind of over. (Although the Rome city guide is still completely up to date).

I love to blog. Sure, there are periods where I feel uninspired and haven't got anything to share. But I always return to blogging. I love this little space of mine which I have created all by myself, I love to see it grow every day and I love that I can constantly change it both in terms of content and layout.

I would say that today I mainly blog to share my personal photography. I continue to create content for the city guides but now the content is mainly based on the photography.

I prefer to share my personal photography on the blog rather than on Flickr, 500px etc. I think that it is more personal in here. This is my space, almost like a journal, a photography journal.

Cappuccino © Birgitte Brøndsted

2. What am I working on? I am constantly working on thousands of projects. Big and small. Recently I have created a new portfolio website for my portrait photography. One of my next projects is going to be a new website for my travel and interior photography and maybe also a new print shop with fine art prints which is going to replace my old Society6 shop.

Also I am constantly working on developing my photography business, which is so much more than just taking photos. I have recently found a great print lab so I am now able to offer fine art prints to my clients and this is also one of the reasons why I want to handle the sales of my personal works myself.

I also want to create a new logo both for the blog and for my photography business. Until now I have always done it myself but graphics are not my strongest side (to say it the least) so I think I will look for a pro this time.

3. How does it differ from others in its genre?

To be honest there are many blogs with great city guides to the three places I mainly write about (Florence, Rome and Copenhagen). Maybe A DUSTY OLIVE GREEN differs a bit because I put a lot of effort into the photography which accompanies the city guides.

Also I have been told by a couple of persons that my voice and writing style is very personal and down to earth. I would like to think that this is true.

4. What is my writing process? I am a very disorganized blogger. I have never had a blog planner for my posts and would never want one. Spontaneity is essential for me in order to keep my creativity alive.

I blog when I have something to share. Over time my blog has become more and more about the photography and less about the words. This means that I always start with the photos. I edit the photos I want to share on the blog and then I write (If I write - some posts are only photography).

I usually write my blog posts the day before publishing them. Sometimes I will write them in "real time" right before hitting publish, but it happens quite rarely since I prefer to publish in the morning.

* * *

Christianshavn Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

I hope you enjoyed my answers. Now I need to nominate two of my own favorite bloggers and they will then have to do the blog hop next week. I have found two fabulous bloggers for you. I have never met any of them in real life, but I have followed their blogs for years so it feels like I know them :-)


The first one is Emily Salomon. Emily is one of the biggest fashion/lifestyle bloggers in Denmark and I have followed her blog for many years. Emily lives in Copenhagen with her very cute dog, and her blog includes a little bit of everything from fashion, beauty tips, recipes, travel, words about every day life and lots of photography.

Emily has a way of writing which is so personal and right from the heart that it's impossible not to fall in love with her and her universe. Another thing I love about Emily's blog is that she does most of the photography herself.

Emily blogs in Danish but you always find a short summary in English and the photos alone speak for themselves.


The second one is Christina Greve. Christina is a Danish photographer and life coach who has been a great inspiration for me. I have followed her work for so many years and a couple of years ago I took one of her online photography courses which helped me a lot with my own photography.

Christina is specialized in female portraiture but she also does lifestyle photography. Her blog is a goldmine of completely free photography tips and tutorials and she even manages to include her life coach experience so you also get great tips regarding the more psychological aspects of running a photography business.

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