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I Ghibellini Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

If you live in Florence then you surely know I Ghibellini. I used to come here quite a lot when I was an erasmus student, but somehow I had never been back until this summer.

I have started coming here again because I think the place is great. The service is super friendly, something which is not very typical for a place with lots of tourists among the guests as it is the case with I Ghibellini.

The location is fabulous. Piazza San Pier Maggiore is super charming and I love the outdoor space which is even air-conditioned on warm summer days.

I always have a pizza when I'm here and if you - like me - prefer your pizza thin and crispy then this is the place for you.

Prices are quite reasonable and the place is very child friendly.

Piazza San Pier Maggiore 8. T. +39 055 214424 www.ighibellini.com

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