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I am going to start a new series on the blog called "Best of...". I will collect some of my favorite places from old bog posts in actual mini guides and combine them with some new stuff. I hope you are going to enjoy them. This is also my way of cleaning up the blog a bit and getting rid of old content which I feel no longer fits the blog. 

Today I will share my favorite ice cream places in Florence. Because spring is (almost) just around the corner. Enjoy! and feel free to share your own favorite places for a good gelato in Florence.


Grom is actually a chain of gelaterie, which you find in all major Italian cities.

It's history began in 2003, when the first store opened in Turin, and since then the homemade ice cream, milk shakes and hot chocolate have become a huge success.

Every month Grom presents a different "menu" and the flavors follow the seasons, so you always find ice cream made with super fresh ingredients.

I have to admit that Grom is not my number one gelateria in Florence, but I do like the salty caramel ice cream, and even though you often have to stand in line in the street, service is really great, well organized and fast, so don't let the hordes of people waiting outside scare you.

Must try: Caramello al sale (Caramel with pink Himalaya salt).

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via del Campanile at the corner of Via delle Oche. T. +39 055 216158 www.grom.it

Perché No

Gelateria Perché No (Italian for "Why not") is located in the center of Florence, where it has been making and selling homemade ice cream since 1939, which makes it one of the historical gelaterie in Florence.

I am completely in love with their many semifreddo (mousse) ice creams. They are super soft and creamy and incredibly delicious.

The ice cream is made fresh every morning with natural ingredients and several days a week you can find special flavors.

Must try: All semifreddos.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via dei Tavolini 19r. T. +39 055 2398969 www.percheno.firenze.it

Gelateria dei Neri

My all time absolute favorite gelateria in Florence has just recently moved a couple of houses down the street where it used to be.

I have already had several ice creams in the new space which also has a little cafe, so you can sit down and enjoy your treat maybe followed by a cup of coffee. Nothing much to say.  According to me this IS the best ice cream in Florence. On top of this the selection of flavors is enormous. So many things to try.

Must try: The sorbettos, the semifreddo millefoglie, and the cioccolato bianco (white chocolate).

Neighborhood: Santa Croce

Via dei Neri 9r. T. +39 055 210034

Il RE Gelato

This is my latest discovery in the Florentine gelato world, and what a discovery. Right in front of Fortezza da basso you find this Sicilian gelateria which has some of the most delicious and special ice creams.

The crema di agrumi is probably the most delicious ice cream I've EVER tried. Think high quality homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh citrus fruits inside. I cannot describe how tasty it is. Try it!

Must try: Crema di agrumi.

Neighborhood: Santa Maria Novella

Viale Filippo Strozzi 8/r. T. +39 055 495939


Gelatando is actually located outside Florence in Scandicci, but since I adore this place I had to include it in my list.

It's been quite some time since I've visited Gelatando the last time, but since I once lived in Scandicci I know this place very well and I can assure you the ice cream is among the best in Florence.

You can easily go to Scandicci for an ice cream on a warm summer night or on a Sunday afternoon. Simply jump on the tram which leaves from the train station Santa Maria Novella. Especially during the weekends you will find plenty of people outside in Piazza Togliatti, and Gelatando actually has a number system so you can hang out in the piazza until it's your turn to choose your favorite gelato.

Must try: Semifreddo cioccolato.

Neighborhood: Scandicci (outside Florence)

Piazza Togliatti 61. Scandicci www.gelatando.com


Edoardo is one of the few (if not the only) organic gelaterie in Florence. I did a separate post about Edoardo which you can read HERE.

Must try: The homemade cones.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Piazza del Duomo 45r. T. +39 055 281055 www.edoardobio.it


Once in a while, mainly on Sundays when everything else in our neighborhood is closed, we go to Badiani in Viale dei Mille for an ice cream. This place is located outside the center near the stadium, but if you happen to be in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor and stop for an ice cream.

Badiani also serves great cakes and coffee, they have tables both inside and outside, and besides gelato in cups and cones you can have the most amazing ice cream cakes and semifreddos.

Must try: Semifreddo caffè.

Neighborhood: Campo di Marte

Viale dei Mille 20r. T. +39 055 578682 www.gelateriabadiani.it

Le Parigine

One of my latest dicoveries within the Florentine ice cream world is Le Parigine located in Via dei Servi. The ice cream is homemade from fresh fruit and the best milk. 

The specialty of the place are the parigine (hence the name) which I haven't tried yet, but I can tell you that they are small sandwiches made of biscuit and ice cream. You can also have homemade crêpes with different fillings but my absolute favorite from Le Parigine is the granita. 

You can actually follow the whole production in the shop where you will see that fresh fruit is cut into small pieces and put into a machine which then spits out the most delicious and super fresh granita. Flavors include lemon, melon, mint and my absolute favorite: pink grapefruit. So fresh on a warm summer day. 

Must try: The after eight ice cream and the pink grapefruit granita.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via dei Servi 41r. T. +39 055 2398470 

Stick house

You find Stick House in two places in Florence. One is a bit outside the center near Piazza Savonarola and the other one is actually located in the worst tourist area in Florence, near Ponte Vecchio as part of a shop called La Bottega del Gelato.

Stick House specializes in homemade sticks and you can choose between both fruit and milk and even dairy free soy sticks. The number of flavors is impressive and they taste great.

Must try: The sorbetto sticks.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica / Piazza Libertà

Via Por Santa Maria 33r. +39 055 2396550 and Via Giacomini 9a. www.stickhousesrl.com

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