best places to grab a quick bite in florence

Best places to grab a quick bite in Florence - Gustapanino © Birgitte Brøndsted
Florence continues to stay a dangerous jungle for tourists looking for a quick bite for lunch. The possibility of ending up with a slice of undefinable bread with cheap cheese and raw tomatoes, which may even cost you a fortune, is unfortunately very high. Well, here are a few suggestions for safe places when you need to stop for a quick bite. 
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Gustapanino is a pretty famous place in the Santo Spirito area. As impossible as it may sound I had never been here until recently. I had walked by the place hundreds of times, but never actually been inside.

The specialty of this place is panini (sandwiches) but if you want a real meal you can also choose between a couple of pasta dishes and salads. Even if you choose to just go for a sandwich you can sit down and order at the table. It's like a restaurant but with sandwiches. This is a rare thing in Florence! 

Gustapanino is located in the charming Piazza Santo Spirito and you can sit outside in the middle of the piazza and enjoy your lunch. 

The sandwiches are really delicious. You can choose between focaccia bread and piadina (flat bread). There are all kinds of sandwiches, and you can even make changes to them if there is something you don't want. 

Prices are absolutely reasonable. You pay a bit more if you have your sandwich at the restaurant instead of takeaway which only seems fair. Service is super friendly and fast.

All photos in this post are from Gustapanino.

Neighborhood: Santo Spirito

Via de' Michelozzi 13. T. +39 3339202673


Gustapanino also has a pizza place which is located just around the corner. Florence isn't the best city in Italy for pizzas, but this place is really good. Perfect for a quick, delicious and even cheap pizza lunch.

When I went here the last time I had the Gustapizza and it contained all my favorite ingredients: rocket salad, fresh cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and mozzarella. The perfect summer pizza!

Neighborhood: Santo Spirito

Via Maggio 46r. T. +39 055 285068

Best places to grab a quick bite in Florence - Gustapanino © Birgitte Brøndsted

Gastronomia Galanti

Gastronomia Galanti in Piazza della Libertà is a fabulous deli which sells all kinds of food and wine, but at the same time it's also a little cafe, where you can eat all the good stuff they prepare.

Several "primi" such as homemade pasta and soups, a lot of Italian and french cheese, vegetables, fritti, desserts and so much more. For your lunch you can choose from the counter what you want to eat, they heat it up for you, you pay, and then all you have to do is sit back and relax in the incredibly comfortable white chairs.

Prices are really cheap. The place is very popular among the many office people working in the area of Piazza della Libertà, so you see quite a lot of businessmen - and women coming here for lunch.

Galanti is also a great place if you need catering for special events. 

Neighborhood: Piazza Libertà

Piazza della Libertà 31r. T. +39 055 490359 www.gastronomiagalanti.com

I due fratellini

The two brothers Armando and Michele are the lead characters in this microscopic sandwich and wine shop, which you find in a small street near Via dei Calzaiuoli.

At I due fratellini you don't have the possibility to sit down, while you eat, actually you can't even stand, at least not inside. The space only allows 2-3 persons at the time. So when you pass by, you will find lots of customers standing in the street with a simple sandwich and a good glass of Tuscan redwine.

The sandwiches typically consist of a rosetta bread and inside you can have almost everything you like; marinated vegetables or Italian cheese. Very delicious, very simple, very Italian... and very cheap.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via dei Cimatori 38/r. T. +39 055 2396096 www.iduefratellini.com


Florence is full of great bakeries, the so called forni, and one of my absolute favorites is Pugi, which I believe is one of the best and probably most famous bakeries in Florence.

You find several Pugi bakeries in Florence but the most central is the one in Piazza San Marco.

Everything is homemade and very delicious. I am especially crazy about the small panini made with whole grain flour, raisins and walnuts, but another thing, you must not miss out on at Pugi's, is the pizza. Especially the potato pizza is amazing.

Neighborhood: San Marco

Piazza San Marco 9B. T. +39 055 280981 www.focacceria-pugi.it (More addresses on the website)

Best places to grab a quick bite in Florence - Gustapanino © Birgitte Brøndsted

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