Best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Florence

Dolce Vegan Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old and I always enjoy finding new vegetarian and vegan places. 

Fortunately Florence is full of them and there are many other places besides those listed in this blog post. I just haven't tried them all yet.

Some of the places listed below are not 100% vegan/vegetarian, but I have included them anyway as they have some great choices for vegetarians and/or vegans + they are all organic.

Dolce Vegan Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Il Vegetariano

Il Vegetariano is probably one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Florence. The place opened in 1981 and you find it in Via delle Ruote.

At Il Vegetariano you can choose from 3-4 starters and ditto main courses plus salads, which you can combine as you like.

The place is famous for its homemade cakes, which also include a number of vegan versions.

You should be aware of the fact that eating here requires a little bit of patience because there is 100% self service. This means that you first choose what you want to eat, pay for your meal at the counter and then stand in line (again!) in order to get your food from the kitchen. However it's worth waiting for, and you can skip some waiting time if you arrive as soon as the place opens up either for lunch or for dinner.

For more info visit the website of Il Vegetariano.

Liberia Brac

Brac is one of those places I guarantee you will never stumble upon by coincidence as a tourist in Florence, so go ahead and read. This is a place you don't want to miss out on.

It is very easy to just pass by the entrance to Brac. There are no big windows, just a door, and seen from the outside the place sometimes looks a bit closed.

Even after entering the place seems very little, but then you are being taken to the beautiful courtyard and the room behind it where people eat surrounded by gigantic white bookcases filled with art books and magazines.

The menu consists of only vegetarian and vegan dishes. You can choose from several salads, pastas, rice, lasagne and much more. 

For more info visit the website of Libreria Brac.

Dolce Vegan Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted


Vivanda is an organic cafe and wine bar with something for everyone, vegetarians and vegans included.

The dishes look beautiful and are served on recycled plates. Sustainability is indeed one of the most important things at Vivanda, where water is served in recycled bottles after being cleaned, and cups, forks and knives are made of recycled materials.

The room is tiny but with a very urban decor, that gives you a certain Soho, New York feeling. The wine card includes more than 120 organic labels and the organic vegetables are all from the local area.

For more info visit the website of Vivanda.

La Sana Gola

La Sana Gola is located just a few steps from Piazza della Libertà. This is not a purely vegetarian place, but they do serve some really great vegetarian and vegan dishes such as seitan, cous cous etc.

La Sana Gola is a very simple place, a bit like a cafeteria. You order your food at the counter, where it is also displayed, and you bring it down to your table. Afterwards you are supposed to remove everything again and leave the table clean and ready for the next customer.

Everything is organic and really delicious, and prices are cheap. You can easily have lunch for less than 10 euro. The menu changes every day, so you can always find new things to try.

Via Leonardo da Vinci 26

5 e cinque

A great place for lunch in Florence is 5 e Cinque where they serve delicious organic, mainly vegetarian, dishes to absolute fair prices.

The menu changes every day with an appropriate number of light dishes.

On the menu you will often find rice dishes made with carrots, olives, capers and pumpkin seeds, you'll find small vegetable quiches, cous cous and many other things.

Do remember also to taste one of the super delicious homemade desserts and don't forget to have a look at the old black and white photographs of Florence decorating the walls. 

Piazza della Passera 1

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