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Great restaurants in Florence: Enoteca Fuori Porta © Birgitte Brøndsted

Today I am going to share some of my favorite restaurants in Florence. You will find a great mix of typical Tuscan places and some more modern restaurants.

Don't forget to also check out my post about the best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Florence. And feel free to share your own favorite places in Florence!

Enoteca Fuori Porta

Enoteca Fuori Porta is a fabulous place in the cosy San Niccolò neighborhood in Florence. The menu includes a bit of everything, also some more special dishes. I went here for my birthday two years ago with two friends from Rome and we had such a delicious lunch with some great Chianti wine.

The restaurant is very lovely inside and during summer you can eat outside. This is a very recommendable place if you want to try something a bit local.

All photos in this post are from Enoteca Fuori Porta.

Neighborhood: San Niccolò

Via Monte alle Croci 10r. T. +39 055 2342483 www.fuoriporta.it


Obicà is an Italian restaurant chain specialized in the famous buffalo mozzarella.

This place is great both for lunch and dinner. There are plenty of warm and cold dishes to choose from, obviously all built up around the famous mozzarella. The location of the Florentine Obicà is nothing less than fabulous: It is located inside the beautiful courtyard of Palazzo de' Tornabuoni.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Florence: Via de' Tornabuoni 16. T. +39 055 2773526 www.obica.com/ristoranti/firenze

Wabi Sabi

In Viale dei Mille there is a Giapponese restaurant called Wabi Sabi.  For lunch they have a fantastic "eat all you can for 15 euro" offer. The food is super delicious. It consists of a mix of sushi and other japanese dishes such as miso soup, noodles, algae salad, edamame beans and much more.

In the evening the place turns into a more ordinary restaurant with a classic japanese menu.

Neighborhood: Campo di Marte

Viale dei Mille 53r. T. +39 055 587779

La Cocotte

La Cocotte serves very reasonably priced organic local food such as soups and pasta. This is not a vegetarian restaurant, but there are lots of meat free dishes on the menu. Food is really good and the prices are more than reasonable.

La Cocotte is also a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and some cake or dessert. I've tried their mini tiramisu which is just perfect and I love the fact that it comes in two sizes so you can choose to have a little bit of sugar without necessarily having to eat a gigantic dessert and feel horrible afterwards. 

Via Nazionale 112R. T. +39 055 283114 / Via Gioberti 91r. T. +39 055 662529 www.lacocotte.org

Neighborhood: Santa Maria Novella / Via Gioberti


Berberè is a new place in the Oltrarno area. Here you can enjoy craft beer and gourmet pizzas! Everything is organic and the menu changes according to the season. I did a separate post about Berberè which you can read HERE.

Neighborhood: Santo Spirito

Piazza de' Nerli 1. T. +39 055 2382946 www.berberepizza.it

Great restaurants in Florence: Enoteca Fuori Porta © Birgitte Brøndsted

Osteria Santo Spirito

Osteria Santo Spirito has become quite a classic in Florence. Great food, cheap prices, gigantic servings (remember that you can order half portions and trust me they will often be enough!).

Osteria Santo Spirito is located in the corner of the charming Piazza Santo Spirito and although the place is also very charming inside you really should choose a table outside on a warm summer night.

I can recommend the risotto with zucchini and parmesan, but the place is particularly famous for their gnocchi with truffles. (Sorry, I hate truffles, but if you don't, then this is apparently something to try).

At Santo Spirito you can also have the very Italian Spagetti aglio, olio e peperoncino (garlic, olive oil and chili). So simple and yet so good. If you are looking for something light, try one of the many salads. The place is great for vegetarians since there are several dishes without fish and meat.

In the evenings it can be a good idea to make reservations. For lunch just show up a bit early.

Neighborhood: Santo Spirito

Piazza Santo Spirito 16r. T. +39 055 2382383 www.osteriasantospirito.it

Il Santo Bevitore

If you want a great lunch at a very reasonable price in a beautiful Italian restaurant in one of the nicest areas of Florence, I cannot think of a better place than Il Santo Bevitore. Click HERE to read my full blog post about Il Santo Bevitore.

Neighborhood: Santo Spirito

Via Santo Spirito 66r. T. +39 055 211264 www.ilsantobevitore.com

Piatti e fagotti

Most tourists visiting Florence are going to stop by Fiesole. If you decide to do so, I recommend you stop for lunch at Piatti e Fagotti in San Domenico, which is on the way up to Fiesole.

The menu is overall Tuscan and varies every day but typically includes things such as ribollita and homemade pasta. Desserts are homemade as well, service is very friendly and the prices are reasonable.

The place also has a little take away section where you can buy panini espressi, i.e. sandwiches made the way you want them, while you are waiting.

Neighborhood: Fiesole (Outside Florence)

Via delle Fontanelle 3/9/11. San Domenico. Fiesole. T. +39 055 5276764 www.piattiefagotti.com

Great restaurants in Florence: Enoteca Fuori Porta © Birgitte Brøndsted

Al Tranvai

This is the classic teeny tiny local restaurant, where you can only choose from a small number of dishes, something which doesn't really matter since everything is delicious and made with love. This is the Tuscan kitchen when it's best. Click HERE to read my full post about Al Tranvai.

Neighborhood: Porta Romana

Piazza T. Tasso 14r. T. +39 055 225197 www.altranvai.it

Enoteca dei Macci

In Sant'Ambrogio, right next to the famous market, you find this wonderful little enoteca which is great when you want something simple yet delicious for lunch or dinner. Don't forget the wine! Click HERE to read my post about Enoteca dei Macci.

Neighborhood: Sant'Ambrogio

Via de' Macci 92r. T. +39 3388846455


Oh, how I love pizza. In Florence one of my favourite places for a paper thin pizza made in a wood fired oven is Yellow Bar. This pizzeria is quite big and very down to earth. You can always get a table here, service is very friendly and the pizzas are great.

On the menu are also other things such as pastas, omelets and much more. However I would always recommend you to choose the pizza in here since it is the real specialty of the place and something you don't easily find as good in other places in Florence.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica/Signoria

Via del Proconsolo 39r. T. +39 055 211766

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