where to do your organic grocery shopping in florence

As you probably know by now I am a vegetarian. I am also very fanatic when it comes to shopping organic. 95% of my groceries are organic. If I can't get it organic I will almost always rather leave it behind at the supermarket.

Here is where I like to do my organic grocery shopping in Florence.


This is my absolute favorite place to do my groceries in Florence. Esselunga is a huge supermarket chain and they have such a great assortment when it comes to organic products including fresh fruit and vegetables. On top of this prices are really really fair. At Esselunga you can even get organic parmesan cheese!

My local Esselunga is in Via Masaccio but you find them in several places in Florence.

Via Massacio 274/276. T. +39 055 573348 www.esselunga.it

Where to do your organic grocery shopping in Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted


Another local supermarket where I do groceries is Coop. Coop has several organic (and vegetarian) products, but the assortment in terms of fresh produce is not as big as in Esselunga (At least not in my local Coop. I am sure you will much more in the bigger Ipercoops which are typically located a bit outside the center).

Find your local Coop here: www.coopfirenze.it


Naturasì is Italy's biggest chain of supermarkets selling exclusively organic products, and they have indeed everything. There are several Naturasì in Florence.

Here you can buy organic cleaning products, beauty products and even cat and dog food. The supermarket also has a large selection of vegetarian and vegan products, and of course lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It s no secret that prices are pretty high so I do my best to limit my shopping here to the things I can't get at my local supermarkets.

Find your local Naturasì here: www.naturasi.it

La Raccolta

Latest discovery is La Raccolta, a little shop located near Piazza Beccaria. They have everything in terms of organic food and fresh produce and in the back there is a small vegetarian restaurant, where you can have lunch. I haven't tried the restaurant yet, but I've heard some great things about the place.

Neighborhood: Sant'Ambrogio

Via Giacomo Leopardi 2r. T. +39 0552479068 www.laraccolta.it


By now Eataly is famous all over Italy and even outside the country. This is a fantastic place when you want to shop food. Prices are a bit high I think, but they have so many great things including fresh organic produce.

I did a separate post about Eataly which you can read HERE.

Neighborhood: Duomo

Via de' Martelli 22r. T. +39 055 0153610 www.firenze.eataly.it

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