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Today I am going to share some of the very best places for shopping in Florence. According to me. Obviously there are tons of other places to choose from, but these are the ones which I return to again and again, sometimes just to have a look at stuff, other times to actually buy something and - as it is the case with one of the places - mostly to dream. Here goes:

Luisa Via Roma

Maybe you have already done some Internet shopping at luisaviaroma.com, but in Florence you can visit the store behind the webshop, and this is of course an even greater pleasure.

I love to come here mostly just for inspiration, but I have also bought one or two things at Luisa Via Roma. The whole store is so incredibly beautiful and full of fabulous designs, shoes and bags that it is impossible not to get inspired and want to buy it all.

At Luisa Via Roma you'll find labels such as Chloé, Lanvin, Dolce e Gabbana, Ann Demeulemaster, Marc Jacobs and many many more. It's exclusive shopping when it is best (and most expensive...)

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via Roma 19/21r. T. +39 055 283621 www.luisaviaroma.com

Where to shop in Florence Luisa Via Roma Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Dixie is a Florentine chain of shops, which you may or may not know. It is my impression that the label can now be found around the Internet in webshops, but it is actually a Florentine label with shops in the major Tuscan cities.

There are several Dixie shops in Florence. The designs and the quality have changed a lot over the past years. In fact I remember the label being kind of discount like and not very interesting, but over the last years it has really grown, and the clothes are now very very gorgeous (and unfortunately no longer cheap).

The style is very girlie bohemian, and the colors are usually light and summerly. Don't forget to check out the shoes and the bags. There are not many, but they are really gorgeous, and where the clothes may be a little overpriced, I find the accessories to be more reasonable.

Have a look at their website to see the products.

Neighborhood: San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella, Duomo/Repubblica

Via del Corso 52r. T. + 39 055 2670445 / Borgo San Lorenzo 5r. T. +39 055 215061 www.dixie.it
(More addresses on the website).


Tiger is a Danish chain of shops selling all kinds of very cute items at incredibly cheap prices. To me entering Tiger is like being in Denmark. Everything is written in Danish and all the products remind me of home. I love it!

I did a separate blog post about Tiger which you can read HERE.

Neighborhood: San Marco

Via degli Alfani 85. T. +39 055 215232 www.tiger-stores.it


So what is ub about? ub is first of all a lot of funny and beautiful vintage objects from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Old suitcases, furniture, clocks and much more.

However, once you reach the last room in the back of the shop you realize that this is also a place which has a history. In here you are met by an impressive sight from the hundreds or thousands of rolls of old "carta da parati" (wallpaper) which lie on the shelves covering the walls from floor to ceiling. In fact this used to be an old Florentine wallpaper shop, and if you look up to the right you can see the old sign from the shop with the words "carta da parati".

ub also sells old furniture which has been remodernized, and if you have a special request for a special piece of furniture, do not hesitate to ask, as the shop offers individually produced designs.

If the door is open, you should remember to have a peek into the charming courtyard, which belongs to the shop.

Neighborhood: San Lorenzo

Via de' Conti 4r. T. +39 055 214884 www.ubfirenze.it


I've been a regular at Cos for several years in Copenhagen and not long ago the Swedish chain opened a shop in the center of Florence.

I can honestly say that I buy most of my wardrobe here. I love everything about Cos. The simple minimalistic style, the sizes which are normal for a Scandinavian girl, the prices which are fair and even better during the sales and finally I am very satisfied with the quality. Yes, I'm a Cos girl.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via della Spada 1. T. +39 055 281093 www.cosstores.com

Petit Nuage

Petit Nuage is a great shop with female clothing right next to the fabulous Giardino dell'Orticoltura. I guarantee you will not find this place without knowing about it. This is not an area where tourists come, even if they go to visit the park. Fortunately now you know how to find it!

Petit Nuage has some of my favorite international labels such as the Spanish Hoss. Prices are not exactly cheap, but the clothes are really cool and service is great. You are not being followed around by the staff as it is often the case in Italian stores. On the contrary they are very friendly and helpful, and you are free to go around and look for yourself.

Neighborhood: Piazza Libertà

Via XX Settembre 22r.

Zadig & Voltaire

As with Cos I am also completely in love with Zadig & Voltaire. I love ALL their things: The accessories, their casual line and their more elegant designs. 

Zadig & Voltaire has a wonderful big store in Florence, where you can shop like crazy and choose from all the great stuff. Everything is lined up beautifully, and it is very difficult not to get excited. Stop by in Via della Vigna Nuova, where the store is located next to several other great Italian and international designers.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via della Vigna Nuova 17/19r. T. +39 055 295625  www.zadig-et-voltaire.com

Otto d'ame

Okay, so I have to admit this. I was actually seriously considering keeping this place a secret. This is one of my absolute favorite shops in Florence.

Bohemian and casual, yet elegant and stylish. The clothes are made in the most fabulous materials, soft and comfortable, and the colors are light and all the right ones. The quality seems to be the absolute best.

The shop is an experience in itself. A combination of a soft and feminine universe mixed with more raw materials. Vintage furniture, lots of wood, bare brick walls and some cool lamps make this place a unique experience also in terms of interior design.

Otto d'ame also sells jewelry and other accessories such as bags, and they are just as fabulous as the rest of the collection. And the best thing? The prices are really very reasonable.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via della Spada 19r. T. +39 055 2654100 www.ottodame.it

La Rinascente

The department store La Rinascente is a great place to shop when you want a little bit of everything in one place. You find La Rinascente all over Italy in major cities, and of course also in Florence.

La Rinascente has an excellent handbag section, where you'll find plenty of Italian brands like Coccinelle and Furla but also many international labels such as DKNY.

There is a great lingerie department with all the major brands, and a fabulous interior department, where you can find lots of good things for the home.

When it comes to fashion you will find labels such as See by Chloé, Gerard Darel and Comptoir des Cotonniers just to mention a few.

On the last floor there is a cafe with a wonderful view over the city and especially over the cathedral and Piazza della Repubblica. To get here you need to take the elevator to the fourth floor and then walk the stairs up to the last floor.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Piazza della Repubblica. T. +39 055 219113 www.rinascente.it

Fabriano Boutique

Fabriano's history dates back to 1264. The company is known for producing paper products of highest quality and in an exquisite design. You find the shops in several large Italian cities and of course also in Florence.

Here you can spend all your money on big and small notebooks, calendars, postcards, pencils etc. Several product lines have the Italian cities as a theme, and that includes the beautiful postcards with watercolor drawings, which are a good alternative to regular tourist postcards, if you want to write home.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via del Corso 59r. T. +39 055 285194 www.fabrianoboutique.com


Bjørk is located in the Santo Spirito area and although I had walked by the shop many times it wasn't until recently that I finally stepped inside to see what it was actually about.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is in fact a teeny tiny concept store selling international and local designer clothes such as Studio Pretzel, jewelry and - what especially caught my eye - loads of international lifestyle magazines which you can't find anywhere else in Florence. Cereal, Kinfolk etc. They are all here. Now I know where to go instead of buying everything online!

Neighborhood: Santo Spirito

Via dello Sprone 25/r. T. +39 333 9795939 bjorkflorence.tumblr.com

Boutique Nadine

Boutique Nadine is a wonderful and charming concept store with a big focus on vintage. I did a separate blog post about Boutique Nadine which you can see HERE.

Neighborhood: Santa Croce

Via de' Benci 32r. T. +39 055 2478274 www.boutiquenadine.it

Cicli Sergio Bianchi

As a tourist you will probably not go out and buy a bike in Florence, but if you are here for a long time, a bike is a great thing to have, despite the fact that you may find it a bit risky to bike in Florence because of the traffic.

However a bicycle is very practical. You get around quickly to everything, and you experience the city in a completely different way. You become part of it, which is a fantastic feeling.

Sergio Bianchi sells nice and cheap bicycles and this is where I go whenever I need something for my bike (or when I need a new bike because the old one was stolen. Yes, that happens quite often in Florence).

Neighborhood: San Marco

Via San Gallo 38-42/r. T. +39 055 499385 www.ciclisergiobianchi.it


Coin is one of the major Italian department stores. I'm particularly excited about the interior department, where it is possible to find many good things at absolutely reasonable prices.

Also COIN's shoes and handbag department is worth a visit. Here you will find several Italian brands in a good medium price range. Finally, you can get the successful Italian coffee brand Nespresso in COIN.

Neighborhood: Duomo/Repubblica

Via dei Calzaiouli 56/r. T. +39 055 280531 www.coin.it

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