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Sticks'n'sushi Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

I have wanted to write about Sticks'n'sushi for over a year, but I didn't have any proper photos to accompany my post, so when I went here for my birthday dinner this Monday I made sure to bring my Canon in order to get at least a couple of frames from this amazing sushi restaurant in Copenhagen. 

Well, big cameras (or small cameras for that sake) in restaurants will never be my favorite kind of thing. I really do prefer to concentrate on the food when I'm out. This means that my photography always ends up being very very quick and as a result I came home with only two useable photos. 

Anyway. Sticks'n'sushi is a Danish chain of sushi restaurants and the food is simply amazing. I have some favorite things which I always order eg. the Epi hapsers which are tempura fried shrimps with chili, lime, pepper, coriander and miso-aïoli. In fact at Sticks you can create your own dinner from the many little dishes (which I like to do) or you can choose one of the many big and small menus. Make sure you get some good Japanese beer to go with it all. 

The first Sticks'n'sushi opened in Nansensgade near Nørreport, but today you also find the restaurant in Frederiksberg, Østerport, Lyngby, Hellerup and other places. 

One of the latest openings is the restaurant at the top of the Tivoli hotel, where you can enjoy your sushi overlooking the roofs of Copenhagen or sitting in the swings. I haven't been here yet, but I would love to go in the summer when you can dine outside on the terrace on top of the city. 

Find your nearest Sticks'n'sushi on the website www.sushi.dk

Sticks'n'sushi Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

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