The reason why I never answered your comments

I am mortified.

I have just discovered that I haven't read one single comment posted from you since app. June 2015. The reason? For some reason I didn't realize that I no longer receive e-mail notifications when someone comments on the blog. Actually I think I do get some notification on my Google+ profile*, but I have to admit that I almost never stop by over there which is why I didn't see them.

I am so sorry.

And to think that many of you even continued commenting throughout these months.

Finding your comments made me so happy though. Because I have to admit that the (unreal) lack of comments had made me think I had lost all my readers. Apparently some of you are still here. That's good to know and it makes me so much more inspired to continue this space.

So once again: Forgive me and please continue to leave your comments. I promise I will check my Google+ notifications from now and on!

Ps: All comments have now been answered!

* Update: Google+ actually don't send me any notifications for blog post comments. This is really weird. Apparently I only receive a notification if someone comments directly on my Google+ profile. Crazy!

Cat paws © Birgitte Brøndsted

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