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Conto vendita articoli bambini Firenze © Birgitte Brøndsted

Over the past years there has been an increase in second hand consignment shops (in Italian: conto vendita) for kids clothing and accessories here in Florence. The concept is brilliant and you are probably already familiar with it since you can find these shops in most larger cities. The question is: Have you tried it?

I usually give away most of our stuff to friends or charity, but I still had two giant boxes filled with old clothes from my daughter and I thought it was about time I gave this new concept a try.

So far I'm really impressed and I thought I wanted to make some publicity for the concept in the hope that more people will try it out - as sellers and as customers.


You hand in your old children's clothes, accessories and even toys. Together with the shop you decide upon the price for each item and the shop put your items up for sale. When the item has been sold you get (usually) 50% of the selling price.

It's a win win situation for all parts. You get to clean out your closets (more space at home!) and even earn some money on things your kids don't use anymore. The shop earns a profit without a lot of costs and clients get to purchase new things at a great price.


The reason why this concept works is that the shops only accept things which are in a perfect state. No stains and no holes. This means that clients can buy really good and nice stuff at very reasonable prices. (In my local second hand shop the selling price is app. 50% of the normal sales price, although it does of course depend on the item and how it looks.)


I would say that anything new sells. If you have items which have never been used they are definitely "sellable". Designer clothes sell. Of course. We all love a cheap Stella McCartney dress for our girl. Organic clothes and more special designs sell. Scandinavian labels are a hit in Italy! But also cheaper labels sell - as long as the stuff is cute.

Basic accessories which you may only need for a short period in your child's life are also easy to sell, because these are things that people love to buy used in order to save money. 

Personally I have had less luck selling shoes even though I handed in some practically new ones, but there is still time for them to go to a good home. We'll wait and see!


The reason why it took me so long to get to sell our old stuff was because I didn't think it would be worth the effort. I mean how much can you gain on little dresses and t-shirts?

But in this case you need to think in quantity. It's true that you may only gain an average of 3-4 euro per item you end up selling, but think about how many pieces of clothes you probably have at home.

If you have lots of good stuff in a good state you can easily and quickly earn your first 100 euro.


Aside from the money remember that you also contribute to a positive chain of recycling which in the end is a big help to other families and to the environment. Don't forget that the more we recycle, the less we buy, and the less we buy, the less we produce. And that is good for the planet!


I also think it's a great way to teach our children a thing or two about consumerism and simple living in general.

My daughter knows that if she wants to get rid of some of the old stuff which she never uses the deal is that she gets to buy something new for the money. I think it's a nice way to teach kids about the joys of living with less but better things.

With regard to this just remember one thing: Don't ever sell your children's toys if they don't agree. I also think it's best not to push them into selling something they don't want to let go of by promising them something new. Respect the fact that the toys are theirs and let them decide on their own.


Here are the shops I know about in Florence (and one in Scandicci). If you know of others feel free to leave a comment and I will update the list.

Naturgenia, Via Bocaccio 22-24
Cri Cri, Via il Prato 45r
Baby Bazar, Via Bezzuoli 16/18
Bimbi Belli, Via Allende 20A, Scandicci
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