5 years ago and yet another new beginning

Okay. So that didn't work for me.

I am talking about my new blog I Harmoni. While it did help me to get back in business in terms of blogging, it soon became very clear to me that it felt too weird to blog somewhere else while this space was just laying still.

So to cut things short: I have decided to combine the two blogs into one and keep everything right here in my good old blogger home. The topics will be those of I Harmoni, but I will also create some typical "Dusty olive green" content, and my city guides will be updated with new content on a regular basis. You can check out my new About page to read more.

I'm sorry about the extra confusion. To compensate I have bought a new template for the blog and I have to say this is probably the one I like best so far. Simple and super functional. I am especially fond about my new drop down menus!

Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Today is the Festa della Repubblica in Italy. It was today five years ago that I left Rome and moved to Florence.

I still remember the day very well. While waiting for the van to come for our stuff we watched the tricolori from my balcony. My things didn't fit into the van and we had to leave some stuff behind and do a second round.

And then there was that last crazy trip from my home in Ardeatina to Termini: Me, my mum, my daughter (2 months old) and our two cats. By bus. And metro. And finally the Eurostar which we caught at the last moment.

Arriving in Florence late in the afternoon. Walking Via Nazionale with all our stuff (and cats!) and finally arriving in Via delle Ruote where our new home was located.

Although it was a super stressful day it also felt great. It was the start of something new - a new beginning.

And I love new beginnings. Like this one.

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