A computer crash and life lately

Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

I'm sorry I went missing.

I was already behind with my blogging and then Tuesday morning my computer crashed. Not just a "reinstall-everything-kind-of-crash" but a real crash-crash where you can't even restart in safe mode.

Something similar happened to me two years ago and I ended up paying more than 600 euro to solve the problem, so I wasn't too optimistic when I entered the Apple Store in Piazza della Repubblica. I was actually preparing myself on having to invest in a new Mac.

Well, as you know things usually happen for a reason. And apparently my computer crashed for a reason. 'Cause the super nice guys at the Genius bar informed me that not only would they solve the problem for free. I was also entitled to a full refund of the money I had spent two years ago due to some campaign related to this specific problem. Suddenly a computer crash seemed like the best idea ever.

And yesterday I picked her up my dear little friend. As good as new and I didn't even need my back up. Everything was safe.

You can read about the specific problem and the refund on Apples website - maybe some of you have experienced the same thing and are entitled to a refund without knowing!

Not being able to work suddenly gave me a lot of free time to do other things. I sorted out my clothes and books. I read magazines, went for long walks around Florence with my mum (my health app on the iPhone tells me that I have walked an average of 9 km every day for the past week - not bad at all) and simply enjoyed life - a bit slower than I usually do. Taking some time away from the computer sure isn't so bad after all.

What else happened lately?

As you can see from the photos I actually went to the cinema. First time in Florence for the past five years. I saw Educazione Affettiva at Istituto Stensen and I loved it. I think I cried during the whole film.

Photo no. 7 is from an amazing palazzo where I did a photo shoot for an upcoming blog post. I can't wait to share it with you.

I also did a lovely family session at Villa Bardini, and I enjoyed a soy cappuccino and vegan croissant at Shake cafe.

Today we went to Toscana Pride. You may have seen some pics on my Instagram profile. It was nothing less than beautiful and so full of love and happiness.

And now I better start editing some photos since I am a bit behind because of a certain computer crash. I hope you are going to enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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