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The Children’s Meditations: “In my heart” © Birgitte Brøndsted

Some time ago I received two beautiful children's books in my mail, and today I am going to tell you about one of them: The Children’s Meditations: “In my heart".

As you will see from the photos below the books I received are in Danish but don't worry. Both of them are available in English editions as well.

Gitte Winter Graugaard is the author behind The Children’s Meditations: “In my heart” (In Danish: Børnemeditationerne I mit hjerte).

The main philosophy behind the book is simple: It's all about love. Love between children and their parents, love to the universe and other people and - maybe most importantly - love to oneself.

But the book also touches other important things in life such as gratitude for what we have and empathy towards people who may have less or nothing in terms of love. It also provides some great tools for children to deal with separation and loss.

The book is divided into four chapters (meditations) which you can read to your child whenever you want during day or night but because the stories are written as little meditations where the child lies down with closed eyes they are of course particularly great for moments of relax.

The Children’s Meditations: “In my heart” © Birgitte Brøndsted

The first chapter is called I fill my heart with love. This is the basic chapter for all the meditations and it teaches your child how to fill the heart with love - not least towards him/herself - how to open up the heart and how to listen to the heart. All things which I believe we - as adults and parents - can benefit from just as much as our children.

Second chapter is called From my heart, I send love. This chapter is all about giving and receiving love - also when you are not together. This way it becomes an important tool for children who for one reason or another are separated from their parents over shorter or longer periods. It can be the case with divorced parents where the child sees one of the parents less often or it can be the case where one of the parents travel a lot for work.

But it can also be a useful tool on ordinary days where the child is at school for many hours or if the child is going through a difficult period and needs some extra love and support.

The Children’s Meditations: “In my heart” © Birgitte Brøndsted

Third chapter is called My cloud is full of love. In this chapter the child learns how to "get" the love he/she needs when the parents (or other people he/she misses) are far away.

The image is that of a cloud full of love which follows the child all around. From this cloud the child can pull out all the love he/she needs whenever it's necessary.

Fourth and last chapter is called With the Universe, I share my love. This is the chapter which teaches the child how to connect with the rest of the world and how to share the love with the universe and with other children who aren't so lucky to have the same love eg. children who have lost their parents or whose parents are ill, children who live in war zones or homeless children.

Although I have read the book several times myself, so far I have only read the first chapter to my daughter. It took some time for her to get used to the different kind of storytelling, which is also why I take it slow. That said she already talks about the love in her heart, and this morning she even "read" the story to one of our cats explaining to him how he should fill his heart with love :-)

As you can see from the photos we also received a Danish edition of Sybille von Olfers' The Story of the Root-Children which was written more than 100 years ago. We haven't read it yet but I can't wait to see what it's all about. The Danish edition has been translated by Gitte Winter Graugaard and can be purchased through Room for Reflection's website.

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