Best cafes in the center of Copenhagen

As you have probably guessed by now I am doing some "spring" winter cleaning on the blog these days trying to make my Copenhagen city guide a bit more up to date. 

Today I have collected my favorite cafes in the center of Copenhagen. They are all located around the main street, Strøget, and they are perfect for a quick coffee or a delicious lunch. 

To be honest there are tons of great cafes in Copenhagen and there are definitely many which I haven't even tried yet. I have to admit that I tend to always go to the same "safe" places where I know that I like the coffee and the food.

If you would like to add your own personal faves don't hesitate to leave a comment! 

Best cafes in Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted


Paludan is a book cafe and I just love book cafes. I love that you eat surrounded by books and I love the warm and intimate atmosphere you often find in these places. Paludan is no exception.

Besides the lovely surroundings Paludan has a very good menu. Here you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and choose from several very delicious dishes at more than reasonable prices.

There are lots of things for vegetarians including a vegetarian brunch which, besides being one of the cheapest in Copenhagen, is incredibly good: American pancakes, drained yoghurt with fruit and maple syrup, scrambled eggs, hummus, grilled goat cheese and vegetables, fresh fruit and different cheeses accompanied by a smoothie or a glass of fresh orange juice plus bread.

Paludan is a quite international place with many foreign students (and Danish students since the university of Copenhagen is just around the corner), so you will often see young people sitting in here with their laptop making good use of the free wifi connection.

Fiolstræde 10-12. T. +45 33150675 www.paludan-cafe.dk

Kafe Kys

Kafe Kys (Kys=kiss) is located in the cozy Læderstræde right behind Strøget.

This is a very down to earth and unpretentious cafe. I especially love the place for their sandwiches. My favorite is the grilled goat cheese with beetroot, pumpkin seeds and mango chutney served on rye bread. Yummy! 

The cafes located in the so called "stræderne" (the streets running parallel with the main street Strøget) are usually way cheaper than the ones on the main street and they are a lot more intimate. They all have tables in the street as well as inside, and on a warm summer day it's the perfect place for an outdoor lunch without too much chaos around you. 

Kafe Kys is one of those cafes. Absolutely worth a visit.

Læderstræde 7. T. + 45 33938594 www.kafekys.dk

Bertels Salon

Bertels Salon is a relatively new cafe and cake shop specialized in cheesecakes. You can choose between lots of different cakes such as strawberry cheesecake, cheesecake with lime or lemon merengue, Oreos, chocolate, berries and several others. 

There are a few tables outside in the street, but the place is actually really cosy inside if you go upstairs where the cafe rooms are located. The cakes are super delicious.

Kompagnistræde 5. T. +45 50908899 bertelskager.dk

Bertels Salon Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

Café Europa

Café Europa has been with us since 1989. To me - born in 1975- it has been here forever. I don't remember Amagertorv without Café Europa.

The food is really delicious but honestly also a bit expensive. You can find great salads and sandwiches for lunch and don't forget to try the brunch which is a classic at Café Europa. Europa also offers a few things for vegetarians.

As in most Danish cafes the atmosphere is relaxed, you can choose to eat inside or outside, and you may of course also just stop by for a cup of coffee and some cake.

Amagertorv 1. T. +45 33142889. www.europa1989.dk

Cafe Europa Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

Cafe Norden

Even though Cafe Norden is definitely one of the most popular places for tourists in Copenhagen, it has always been one of my favourite places too.

The cafe is located right in front of Cafe Europa in the middle of everything. It has two floors and several tables outside where it is great to sit and look at street life on warm summer days and nights.

Cafe Norden has some really great cakes. My favorite is the strawberry pie which I always have with Norden's classic cappuccino. The fruit pies are made with fresh berries on an amazing bottom crust with marzipan covered with chocolate. Remember to ask for the vanilla cream to accompany the pie!

Cafe Norden is probably one of the most expensive cafes in Copenhagen, but contrary to most tourist places in the world you actually get something for your money here. 

Østergade 61. T. +45 33117791 www.cafenorden.dk

Atelier September

Atelier September is probably one of the most famous Copenhagen cafes - at least on Instagram. Famous for it's rye bread with avocado and cool interiors it's the perfect place for hanging, eating and Instagramming. Read about it HERE.

Original Coffee at Illum's roof top

I recently did a separate post about Original Coffee which is one of the newest and coolest cafes in Copenhagen city center. Read it HERE.

Original Coffee at Illum rooftop Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted


Baresso is a large chain of Danish coffee bars which has quickly expanded with shops all over Denmark.

The first coffee bar opened in 2000 on Højbro Plads, where you still find a Baresso today. The concept is simple: High quality coffee to go or to stay. And in here you can get all kinds of coffee including cappuccino with soymilk.

At Baresso you can also get the famous Iceblends which are different kinds of ice coffees or other "ice" drinks, and the place is also great for a quick snack or lunch since they sell yoghurts, cereals, sandwiches, fresh fruit and much more.

You find Baresso all over Copenhagen. www.baresso.com

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