Where to shop in Copenhagen # 1

Shopping in Copenhagen is amazing. We have lots of little independent shops but also some pretty amazing department stores. Copenhagen is one of the best cities in terms of design, and personally I also believe that the Danish fashion brands are among the best in the world. 

I have collected the best of my old Copenhagen shopping posts in two mini guides. I hope you will enjoy them - and feel free to write your own favorite shops in the comments field. 

Here is part one. Read part two HERE >>

A.C. Perchs Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

A.C. Perch's Teashop - where Copenhageners buy (and drink) their tea

If you enjoy a nice warm cup of tea A.C. Perch (or just Perch) is the place to go.

This teeny tiny teashop is actually the oldest in Europe and was founded by Niels Brock Perch in 1835, when the shop opened in Kronprinsensgade 5.

Today this is still the address of A.C. Perch's Teashop. In here you can buy all kinds of tea from all over the world, and Perch's also sells several tea accessories such as beautiful tea cans.

On the first floor in Kronprinsensgade you find Perch's Tearoom, where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of Chai or whatever you are in the mood for, accompanied by English finger sandwiches or scones with lemon curd, clotted creme and marmelade. The perfect English afternoon tea!

If you pass by around Christmas time you will see lines of people outside in the street waiting for their turn to buy tea as Christmas presents for friends and family.

Kronprinsensgade 5. T. +45 33153562 www.perchs.dk www.perchstearoom.dk

Nørgaard paa Strøget - the essence of Copenhagen fashion

Nørgaard paa Strøget is SO Copenhagen. The shop has all the right stuff. 

If you are visiting Copenhagen as a tourist and you want to bring one piece of classic Danish design back home you should go to Nørgaard and buy one (or a million) of their classic long sleeve, round neck cotton shirts. You can choose from just about all colors in the world and they are fantastic with almost everything. 

At Nørgaard you also find international labels as well as lots of Danish brands, and the good thing about this shop is that their prices aren't crazy high.

Nørgaard is for everybody, and I am sure you will find something to bring back home. Remember to also pay a visit to Mads Nørgaard, which you will find next door in no. 15. 

Amagertorv 13-15. T. +45 331224288 www.madsnorgaard.dk 

Englebørn - Nørgaard paa Strøget for kids

Nørgaard also has a shop for kids, called Englebørn (Angel kids). 

Englebørn is located in Læderstræde right behind Strøget and here you can find the cutest things for children between the age of 0-8 years. 

I especially adore the traditional Nørgaard shirts (surprise!!) which my daughter already has an impressive collection of. Besides Nørgaard's own brand you also find several other very chick labels in here. 

Englebørn is true Copenhagen fashion for kids! 

Læderstræde 16.

Notre Dame - cool ceramics, stationery and everything for the kitchen

This is a shop I always have to visit when I'm in Copenhagen. 

Notre Dame sells everything when it comes to ceramics and kitchen aid. In here you find beautiful ceramics from Italy in the form of plates, cups, bowls, vases etc., lots of practical and minimalistic Danish design, but also postcards, candy, beautiful boxes for storage, jewelry and much more. 

I'm also a big fan of their notebooks and other stationery. 

This is a place which is very difficult to leave without buying something.

Nørregade 7. T. +45 33151703 www.notredame.dk

Søstrene Grene - coolest discount shop in the world

In the middle of the mainstreet of Copenhagen, Strøget, you find the wonderful shop Søstrene Grene (The Grene sisters), which is actually the first discount shop in Denmark. 

Now some people may run away at the word discount, but there is no need to. Søstrene Grene is a very charming shop with great things in a good quality at super cheap prices.

The shop has just about everything you can imagine. This is the place to go if you are an artist and need cheap brushes, colours and canvas. It's the place to go when you are looking for plates, cups and glasses in a nice design. 

Søstrene Grene also sells several things for children and for Christmas you can find a little area dedicated exclusively to ornaments. Lately the shop has even started to sell incredibly cheap but very lovely furniture.

The shop has become a huge success and by time it has expanded all over Denmark and even abroad.

Amagertorv 29. www.grenes.dk

Matas - cosmetics, vitamines and more

Matas is the biggest and best chain of cosmetics in Denmark. You find the stores all over the country, and there are several of them in the center of Copenhagen.

Matas has most of the international perfume and beauty products, but this is not why you should come here. Matas is especially good when you need to buy your everyday cosmetics, vitamines, things for your baby etc. For this you should go for the store's own line which is called "Matas striber" ("Matas stripes"), since every product comes in a bottle with stripes in different colors. All "stripes" are 100% paraben free. The line includes products for the face, hair, body, feet, hands, make up, vitamines and much more. Besides being great, the products are also cheap. 

Nytorv 3. T. +45 33150020 www.matas.dk

Arnold Busck - the place to go for books 

Don't you just love books? I do, and I love to explore bookstores all over the world, whether they are small intimate shops or gigantic megastores with several floors.

Arnold Busck in Købmagergade is something in between. The shop is not too big, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for, and I really love this place.

Outside in the street you can often find great offers, and inside you can shop all kinds of Danish and international literature and much more.

In the corner of the book store is a little cute cafe where you can take a break while watching life take place right outside the window in Købmagergade.

Arnold Busk is a chain of bookstores, so you can find other shops around and outside Copenhagen. As a matter of fact it is the biggest and oldest chain of bookstores in Denmark.

Købmagergade 49. T. +45 33733500 www.arnoldbusck.dk

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