What to give this Christmas

Have you started on your Christmas shopping yet? If not here are three tips to making this Christmas richer and less materialistic - for yourself and for your loved ones. 

1) Give less but more meaningful presents: Choose experiences over things. In the long run experiences are what makes us rich + the less stuff we buy, the less we need to produce and that is good for our planet.

2) No matter what you choose to buy - buy it locally.

3) Choose small independent vendors. They need your support much more than the big multinationals.

Actually I have an idea! You could give someone a gift card to a photo session! It's an experience, the outcome will last forever and as the years go by the value of each photo will even increase. Did I mention that you also support a small, local vendor? :-)

More info on birgittebrondsted.com

Happy December, 1st!

Gift card photo sessions © Birgitte Brøndsted

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