My name is Birgitte. I am Danish - from Copenhagen - but I have lived in Italy for more than 15 years. For many years I lived and worked in Rome, but since 2011 I have been based in Florence where I live with my daughter + our 2 very cute cats. We love Italy but we also like to travel to Copenhagen as often as possible (minus the cats!).

When I don't blog I work as a lifestyle photographer taking portraits of kids and families or I translate legal documents from Danish to Italian or the other way around.

When I am not blogging, taking photos of kids and families or translating documents I can be found hanging out with my daughter at the playground, taking lots of photos just for the fun of it, drinking coffee with soy milk, spending too much time on Instagram, or - my most favorite thing to do - simply enjoying the little things in life.

A dusty olive green is my creative playground where I share my photography and other random stuff from my life. This is also where you can find my three city guides to Copenhagen, Florence and Rome.

For photography inquiries and general info on portrait sessions have a look at my website.
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