A dusty olive green is a combined travel, lifestyle and photography blog. I write about sustainable, organic, vegan and vegetarian products and places as well as anything related to simple living and slow living - also with kids.

I also believe it is important to support and promote small and local entrepreneurs and businesses, which is why I have a regular series featuring inspiring creative spaces and cool entrepreneurs with a sustainable business approach.

The blog also contains three local city guides to Copenhagen, Florence and Rome which I continue to update with new content. 

Finally I like to share all the little things in life which we sometimes tend to overlook or take for granted. Little things that aren't so little when you think about it: blooming flowers in spring, the smell of grass and summer rain or something as simple as a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

Because in an increasingly more hectic, materialistic and digital world I believe it is time to slow down, live with less (but better) things, step away from the computer for a while and be a bit more analogue.

Because I believe it is time to seriously start living a more sustainable, organic, vegetarian - or even vegan - life in order to take proper care of our amazing planet and treat animals with respect.

By sharing stories, places and products it is my hope that readers will find inspiration to start living (or to continue living) a simpler, slower and more sustainable life - one step at the time and always on their own conditions.

Many posts focus on kids for two reasons: I have one myself, so everything related to kids is quite a big part of my life. Also kids are the future. They are the next generation. They are the ones to take care of our planet once we are gone. It's up to us to make a good example and teach them how to do the job.

Being a photographer the visual aspect of the blog is extremely important to me. I aim at making every single blog post easy to read and nice to look at.

My name is Birgitte Brøndsted. I am Danish - from Copenhagen - but I have lived in Italy for almost 15 years. For many years I lived and worked in Rome, but since 2011 I have been based in Florence where I live with my daughter + our 2 very cute cats. We love Italy but we also like to travel to Copenhagen as often as possible (minus the cats!).

When I don't blog I work as a lifestyle photographer taking portraits of kids and families or I translate legal documents from Danish to Italian or the other way around.

When I am not blogging, taking photos of kids and families or translating documents I can be found hanging out with my daughter at the playground, taking lots of photos just for the fun of it, drinking coffee with soy milk, spending too much time on Instagram, or - my most favorite thing to do - simply enjoying the little things in life.

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