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This post is part of a weekly series called Artists and Artisans in Florence. For a presentation of the project click HERE.

I have really been looking forward to sharing today's portrait with you, since this artist is quite different from anything else you have seen so far in this series. 

Anna is a young American visual artist, originally from Massachusetts. She is married to an Italian, and lives and work in Florence. 

Anna's works include video art, photography, and works with paper, fibers and objects. 

She herself is part of several of her art installations, such as the video art, and it was a quite amazing and pretty strange world that met me, when I went to visit her in her beautiful studio in Via dei Fossi. 

You can actually see everything for yourself in just two days, since she has an Open Day at the studio on 4 May from 17-20 pm. It's in Via dei Fossi 4, and I strongly suggest you go pay her a visit. 

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Anna M. Rose, Web

Most of the people featured in this series are part of the Facebook group Creative people in Florence. If you are creative and live in Florence, please come and join us. If you would like to be featured in the series, feel free to send me an e-mail at b.brondsted@gmail.com telling me a bit about yourself and your work.

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